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Pigeon Party: Railroad Underpass To Be Transformed Into Pop-Up Gallery

Hugo Phan
KMUW/File Photo
The railroad underpass is located on Douglas between St. Francis and Mead Street.

The railroad underpass on Douglas Avenue near Union Station will be transformed Friday night into a pop-up gallery with bright lights, music and art. It’s part of an effort to improve the walkable connection between Old Town and downtown Wichita.

The collaborative project supported by the Wichita Community Foundation will include up-and-coming artists of color. Thomas Dalton, cofounder of the North End Urban Arts Festival, says graffiti artist Sam Agoita will paint on a huge panel, and DJ CLEME will perform amidst colorful LED lights under the bridge.

“The underpass is kind of very dark. It’s very dirty," Dalton says. "There’s a lot of pigeons in the area, and what we seek to do, by bringing lights and music and people, is to brighten the area up, get it full of sound, make it much more inviting for people who might be wanting to go from Old Town to downtown or from downtown to Old Town.”

Participants can also spray paint their names on a big Wichita-themed panel, creating a lasting community art piece.


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