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Music Theatre Wichita Hopes To Purchase Warehouse For Rental Program

Courtesy of Music Theatre Wichita.
Set and costumes fill a warehouse owned by Music Theatre Wichita. The company is planning to buy a second warehouse to store additional items for its rental program.

Music Theatre Wichita is looking to purchase a 30,000-square-foot warehouse to store props, sets and costumes. The company has been leasing the space near downtown for about two years at a price tag of $75,000 a year. They also own a second warehouse on Washington.

Development director Angela Cassette says the building is used to house rental inventory including sets, props and costumes for more than 70 shows. The organization rents the items to other theatre companies.

The rental program provides about 10 percent of the company's revenue, Cassette says. The program has also proven to put Music Theatre Wichita first in line for top titles when they become available.

"This is why we get most of the Disney shows the first year we possibly could," she says. "They know we will build a good set that can be rented to other theatres, so it increases the performances of that show."

To buy the warehouse space, Music Theatre Wichita will need $660,000. Cassette says the organization has a matching grant from a local foundation and will also work to cover some of the costs through fundraising.


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