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WSU's Ulrich Museum Of Art Acquires Large Collection Of Gordon Parks Photos

Courtesy photo

The Ulrich Museum at Wichita State University has acquired a significant collection (125) fine art photographs by Kansas native, Gordon Parks.

Gordon Parks was born in Fort Scott Kansas in 1912. He was drawn to photography when he saw images of migrant workers in a magazine.

He became a photojournalist who concentrated on social issues such as race relations, poverty and civil rights. He also documented the career of Mohammed Ali, the work of Malcolm X, Adam Clayton Powell and Stokley Carmichael.

Parks was the first African American to photograph and write for Life magazine.

WSU now has a body of works by Parks which includes 166 art pieces. The collection will allow scholars to study Park’s life and his career as an artist.

The acquisition cost 300 thousand dollars and was made possible through grants, private donations and fundraising efforts.