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Adult Coloring Book Features Wichita Murals

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Adult coloring books are a gaining popularity, including here in Wichita. This phenomenon has been the topic of nationally published articles, many of which claim that the soothing activity of coloring decreases stress and anxiety, and helps adults practice mindfulness.

Locally, there are coloring book gatherings at places like Hopping Gnome Brewing and Reverie Coffee Roasters, where you can enjoy coloring, companionship, and your beverage of choice. Now Wichitans will have something new and local to color. The Seed House is producing an adult coloring book called Wichitart, featuring all the new murals The Seed House has painted in the past few years.

This idea for the book was first pitched at the Cultural Resistance Retreat at Bluebird Arthouse. Laine Pike, an art education student at WSU, realized the coloring book. She illustrated all the images and formatted the book as an assignment for her Community Arts Engagement class.

There has been an explosion of murals in Wichita, and The Seed House led many of these initiatives. These murals not only beautify our city, but they raise awareness of sensitive issues in a positive and empowering way.

Making a coloring book based on these murals further democratizes their messages and continues their goodwill. This coloring book is a wonderful celebration of our city and a great way to share Wichita pride with our out-of-town friends and family.

Collaborators for Wichitarts include:
WSU School of Art, Design and Creative Industries
Young Professionals of Wichita
Galindo's Fashion
The NorthEnd Urban Arts Festival
The Arts Council
The City of Wichita
City Blue Print
Special thanks to Emily Brookover

Preorders can be made at theseedhouse.org.