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The debate over deep-sea mining

Credit: The Metals Company
Credit: The Metals Company

If you sank deep into the ocean, where the light no longer reaches, you would see, sitting on the seabed floor, nodules that look just like unassuming rocks.

Those grayish clusters are actually filled with vital metals like cobalt, nickel, and copper, which are materials used in the construction of electric cars.

Companies and governments are eager to begin deep sea mining for the metals, claiming it would aid in the shift to a greener economy. Others argue this mining could wreak havoc on the marine life we still know so little about. 

Two weeks ago, international talks about deep-sea mining regulations ended without any rules being set in place. So, where does that leave the future of the seabed? And how harmful is the extraction of these metals?We convene a panel of experts to talk about it.

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Michelle Harven