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The state of American baseball

The Chicago White Sox play the Detroit Tigers.
The Chicago White Sox play the Detroit Tigers.

Baseball’s known as America’s Pastime. But is it still?

Major League Baseball made somechangesto the way the game is played in recent years. Some of the new rules include bigger bases, limits on shifting, and a new pitch timer.

That’s making games in the major league a little shorter and more exciting. But going to see one of the big teams isn’t cheap.

The minor leagues were the testing grounds for these new rules. But many teams are finding their own ways to make the game engaging for the community.Even ones not affiliated with the MLB are trying to make it worth it for a family spending a hot summer day in the stadium.

We put together a panel to talk about the state of the game.

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Jorgelina Manna-Rea, Barb Anguiano