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A historical film with local roots, 'The Contested Plains' will premiere in Wichita

A new historical film will premiere Friday at the Wichita Orpheum Theatre.

The Contested Plains follows the story of the German family who were attacked in the western plains of Kansas in 1874. Four girls were taken captive in the attack and a search ensued involving the military.

The film was written by Ken Spurgeon and Deb Goodrich. Spurgeon says they relied on historical documents and material to write the script.

"We have primary sources, this is the real thing," Spurgeon says. "And so I hope people do come away with that too; a renewed understanding of the complexities of the plains wars and settlement on the plains."

Much of the story was shot in Kansas. Locations in Oklahoma were used to fill out the rest of the story about the search for the captive girls that ended in Texas.

Actors from The Contested Plains will be in attendance for the Wichita premiere.

He has more than 20 years of experience shaping and documenting the arts in Wichita.