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‘An American Mosaic’: A Classical COVID Tribute (Rebroadcast)

Composer Richard Danielpour. Piano Simone Dinnerstein
Composer Richard Danielpour. Piano Simone Dinnerstein

Between the interruptions of sleep patterns, worrying for our communities, and the uncertainty of the pandemic, it has been a sleep-deprived 18 months. We’ve all found different ways to cope with the situation.

For composer Richard Danielpour and pianist Simone Dinnerstein, their shared feelings of pain and loss led to a unique collaboration — one that reminds us of the power of music to heal and connect.

Danielpour is Grammy Award-winning composer. As the lockdown took effect last year, it was Dinnerstein’s performance of Bach’s Goldberg Variations that started him on a journey to write new music.

He wrote pieces for Dinnerstein to play, each honoring one sector of society impacted by the pandemic.

Richard Danielpour and Simone Dinnerstein join us to talk about their new album “An American Mosiac.”

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