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Who Is August Greene? (Rebroadcast)

Ahead of Joshua stepping down, we’re rebroadcasting a few of his favorite shows. This is one!

They knew they had something special when they won an Emmy.

“Letter To The Free” by rapper Common, pianist Robert Glasper and producer/drummer Karriem Riggins was featured on the soundtrack of the documentary “13th” and earned the trio the prestigious award for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics. From there, it was a no-brainer.

The three musicians created an official supergroup called August Greene. Their self-titled debut has anthems for activists, reflections on romantic relationships and music that reflects the maturity of the artists.

Riggins, Glasper and Common join us to talk about their new project and how friendship fuels their creative collaboration.

Produced by Bianca Martin.


Common, Hip hop artist; actor; member of music supergroup August Greene; activist; @common

Robert Glasper, Hip hop artist; jazz pianist; member of music supergroup August Greene; @robertglasper

Karriem Riggins, Hip hop artist and producer; jazz drummer; member of music supergroup August Greene; @KarriemRiggins

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