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Anthony Ramos Pays Homage To His Past On 'The Good & The Bad'

Anthony Ramos pays homage to his past and growing up in New York City on his debut album <em>The Good & The Bad</em>.
Eric Johnson
Courtesy of the artist
Anthony Ramos pays homage to his past and growing up in New York City on his debut album The Good & The Bad.

Anthony Ramos, who rose to fame as part of the original cast of Hamilton, has just released his debut album entitled The Good & The Bad. Ramos has stayed busy since his stint playing double duty as John Laurens and Philip Hamilton: he starred in Netflix's TV adaption of Spike Lee's 1986 film She's Gotta Have It and he played Lady Gaga's best friend in A Star Is Born.

Ramos is also reuniting with his on-stage father, Lin-Manuel Miranda, for the upcoming film adaptation of In The Heights, Miranda's first Broadway musical. But before solidifying his reputation as a go-to actor, Ramos felt like he had an important story he still wanted to tell: his own.

NPR's Michel Martin sits down to talk with Ramos about his inspiration for The Good & The Bad and his life before Hamilton, including growing up in East New York, his dream to play baseball and the first time he stumbled onto stage in high school. "This is where I was supposed to be the whole time," Ramos marveled. Hear their conversation in the audio player above.

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