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Band of Horses: A Sort of Homecoming

Everything All the Time, the debut album from Band of Horses, appeared on many critics' year-end Top 10 lists in 2006. For their follow-up, the band's members decided to start over.

Lead singer and songwriter Ben Bridwell is a native of South Carolina, a high-school dropout who moved to Seattle, where he played drums in a band called Carissa's Wierd. Then came Band of Horses and its hit album in March 2006. Last winter, the band — which contains more than one South Carolina native — made a curious decision for an indie-rock group: It left Seattle and moved back to a suburb of Charleston, S.C., to be closer to family.

Band of Horses just released its second album, called, appropriately enough, Cease to Begin. When they returned to Seattle to play a show, its members stopped in to NPR member station KEXP to perform some of their songs. They talked with Steve Inskeep about their new album, their recent move and their South Carolina roots.

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