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Ceu's Brazilian Melting Pot

There's a fresh new face on the Brazilian music scene. Her name is Ceu, which means "Sky" in Portuguese.

Her self-titled CD has just been released in the U.S., and you may be hearing some of it while waiting in line for your latte, as the Starbucks chain has chosen to feature the new disc in its stores.

Ceu was courted by major labels, but she declined in favor of producing and releasing the record her own way.

The young singer-songwriter grew up in a musical family in Sao Paulo, a city she calls a "musical melting pot." Her songs are small melting pots of their own, blending both the various styles of Brazilian music she grew up with (Samba, Valsa, Choro) and the international music you might find on her iPod, including American soul, afro beats, jazz and hip hop.

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