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A New Testament for Teens

A new teen magazine has come out with a very old story that may not be immediately recognizable. Called Revolve, the publication blends the text of the New Testament with the graphics and gimmicks of a teen magazine, including quizzes that ask such questions as: "Are you dating a Godly guy?" NPR's Scott Simon, host of Weekend Edition Saturday talks with marketing director Laurie Whaley about the idea behind Revolve. Sample sidebars from Revolve:

Top Ten Random Ways to Have Fun on a Date

1. Make homemade ice cream.

2. Go on a double date

3. Go roller-skating.

4. Volunteer at a homeless shelter together.

5. Order food from a fancy restaurant and take it on a picnic.

6. The classic: dinner and a movie.

7. Pick five of your favorite games and have a tournament.

8. Cook dinner for your friends.

9. Take cookies to a nursing home.

10. Go for a long walk.

Excerpt from Blab (a series of Q&A's found throughout the magazine)

Q: My two best friends in the world are in a fight and I don't know what to do. Should I try to help them work it out?

A: Proverbs 26:17 says: "Interfering in someone else's quarrel as you pass by is like grabbing a dog by the ears." It's a stupid action. You'll get bit. Stay out of it. Tell them you love them both so you won't get involved. Each one has to work out his life.

Q: I sometimes like to read my horoscope in magazines. They are so right most of the time. What's wrong with learning about my future?

A: Astrology is totally condemned in the Scripture. It's using something good, like the stars and planets, to manipulate people by giving them false ideas of their future. In Isaiah 47:13-15, he says the astrologers are "like straw; fire will quickly burn them up. They cannot save themselves," so how can they save you?

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