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Movie Review: Fruitvale Station

Aug 1, 2013

SPOILER ALERT: I cannot review Fruitvale Station without giving away the ending, so if you’re planning to see it and don’t want to know what happens, you might want to stop here.

Movie Review: Pacific Rim

Jul 18, 2013

Pacific Rim qualifies as almost the ultimate special-effects sci-fi movie in that it involves almost no plot and includes almost nothing but robots and monsters the size of 25-story buildings. And it proves that you don’t need a plot to be illogical and inconsistent.

Movie Review: The Lone Ranger

Jul 11, 2013

The Lone Ranger is first-rate for comedy in the beginning, action at the end, and a totally new interpretation of Tonto by Johnny Depp.

It falls short because its main plot seems intended to be separate revenge stories of the Lone Ranger's and Tonto's, but in the end turns into a railroad story; the interpretation of the Lone Ranger is lame; and it is inconsistent in tone and even topic.

Movie Review: The Heat

Jul 4, 2013

The Heat is an unusual buddy-cop movie in that the odd couple cops are women-- it's also unusual in being very funny indeed, and has a plot that pretty clearly hangs together, though it does not particularly feature credibility.

Movie Review: The East

Jun 27, 2013

The East is a superior movie partly because it is somewhat original, but mostly because it takes its subject and its characters seriously and skirts what would seem to be almost inevitable clichés.

There is nothing particularly new about Brit Marling, who also co-wrote the screenplay with director Zal Batmanglij, taking a job as an infiltrator of a subversive group that is sabotaging the efforts of a big corporation; but the treatment of the group is unusually and very effectively objective and serious.

Movie Review: Before Midnight

Jun 20, 2013

In 1995, in Before Sunrise, Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy met in Vienna and parted under the romantic idea that if they were intended for each other, they would meet again.

Movie Review: Man Of Steel

Jun 19, 2013

What's the point of reviewing Man of Steel beyond saying it is, one, typical of the comic book genre; and, two, disappointing in all aspects except special effects?

Movie Review: The Internship

Jun 13, 2013

Many moons ago, I read somewhere about Google's way of treating its employees, which was almost like pampered children-- with free food, and weight rooms, and office compounds very much like amusement parks.

Movie Review: Epic

May 30, 2013

There are animators who could give Pixar a run for its money, and among them are the makers of Epic.

Movie Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

May 23, 2013

Science fiction movies always are hard for me to discuss, because they go by rules that are obscure to me, such as those allowing amputations—and even death—to be temporary conditions. But let’s see what can be done with Star Trek Into Darkness.