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One Step Closer to Final Fantasy XV


Ten years ago, Square Enix announced a game called Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Originally set to come out on the Playstation 3, nobody from the company spoke any more about the game for years, and people started to doubt whether it would ever actually be released. Then, in 2013, Square re-announced the game, now calling it Final Fantasy XV and announcing it would be coming to the newest consoles. They released some gameplay footage and story details, and it finally looked like the game would be getting a release.

Last week, Square released a demo for Final Fantasy XV, called Platinum Demo. Instead of being a portion of the game, though, Platinum Demo actually takes place before the events of the game itself. You control the main character, Noctis, but as a young boy instead of the young man he is in the full game.

In the demo, you’re led through a dream world by a small magical fox-like creature called Carbuncle. It teaches you how to fight, and tries to lead you out of your dream so you can wake up. Through the demo, you’ll go through a cave, a house, and then a town square.

If you play straight through, the demo can be finished in about half an hour. But there are a few hours of gameplay if you want to find every bonus weapon and magical spell hidden in the dream, and fight an optional boss that is many times stronger than anything else in the rest of the demo.

Once you finish the demo, it offers to let you pre-order Final Fantasy XV, which has an official release date of September 30th of this year. Additionally, if you complete the demo, you’ll get help from Carbuncle in the full game - which you can’t get any other way.