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Wichita Mosaic

Wichita Mosaic: Angela Mallory

Wichita is a city with people from many cultures and backgrounds. A jigsaw puzzle made up of colorful and interlocking pieces. But how much do we really know about the people that live here?

Wichita native Angela (or "Angie") Mallory's path in life has lead her on many exciting adventures--from competing for the state of Kansas in soccer at age 13 to an offer to be a model in New York as a young adult. But Angela says her winding past has given her the skills and experiences she needed to her iconic downtown donut shop with her business partner, Michael Carmody.

Hear Angela's story--and some of the surprising secrets she learned as a contestant for the Miss Kansas USA Pageant in the early 90s.

Credit Hugo Phan / KMUW
Angela Mallory behind the counter of the donut shop she owns with her business partner, Michael Carmody