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Roof Leak Causes Extensive Damage To Kansas Judicial Center

J. Stephen Conn
flickr Creative Commons
The Kansas Judicial Center building (pre-roof damage).

The building that houses the Kansas Supreme Court will need significant repairs after heavy rains seeped through a leaky roof.

Court spokeswoman Lisa Taylor says the building could need new walls, ceilings and flooring.

“We were in the middle of a re-roofing project, and we also were having a significant amount of rain, and suddenly the rain coming down outside was coming down inside in sheets,” Taylor says.

She says the damage turned out to be much more extensive than initially suspected. Around a third of the court workforce, including all the Supreme Court Justices, have been moved to temporary workspaces in the Judicial Center.

Insurance for the roofing contractor will pay to fix the damage, but right now it’s not clear how long the repairs will take or how much they’ll cost.