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Wichita Officials: Get Ready For Storm, Round Two (UPDATED)

Updated: Monday 11:30 am

City officials are now saying that they have replenished the supply of sand and salt to treat the roads. However, they are still urging residents to stay home, if possible.

Joe Pajor with the Public Works and Utilities department says they will plow the roads throughout the duration of the storm, but will keep the majority of the salt and sand to treat the roads at the storm's end.

The conservation approach will likely make roads slicker and more difficult to navigate.

City officials also say that warmer-than-expected temperatures caused significant snow melt over the weekend. They will be able to plow the majority of the snow onto curbs, rather than the middle lanes of roads.

Below is the original post:

City of Wichita officials are urging residents to get prepared for another round of heavy snowfall.

The National Weather Service has issued a storm warning for Wichita and the surrounding areas until midday Tuesday, with between 8 and 14 inches of snow expected.

At a meeting Sunday, officials from the department of public works said last week’s storm, which brought 14.2 inches of snow to Wichita, depleted the city’s inventory of salt and sand to treat the roads. The lack of treatment materials could make the roads even more difficult to navigate than they were last week.

Officials also said there is limited space to store plowed snow, and it may need to be plowed into the middle lanes of four-lane roads.

The city will continue to monitor conditions throughout the day Monday, and continue road treatment.

They will also be coordinating with the county to ensure roads near polling places are cleared for Tuesday’s primary municipal election.