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Snow, Ice Hazards For Postal Workers

Kevin Harbor

With the recent snowfall, the Wichita Postmaster is reminding customers to clear and maintain a safe, accessible path to mailboxes as soon as possible after it snows.

Wichita Postmaster Evie Tan-Todd says winter storms make mail delivery challenging for letter carriers. She says clearing a path to your mailbox will help to keep letter carriers safe and ensure mail delivery each day. Postal customers who receive door mail delivery should keep their sidewalks, steps, and access ways clear of snow and ice.

Supervisor Kelli Cunningham says customers receiving street-side mailbox or centralized cluster neighborhood mailbox delivery should also pay attention to having a safe and clear pathway to their mailbox.

"We just want to remind everyone to keep their walkways clear, keep the access to their mailbox clear so that the carriers aren't having to deal with snow," says Cunningham.

"I know we don't have a lot of snow on the ground right now but we may possibly have snowfall coming up and we want to make sure that everybody keeps those areas clean so that the carrier can safely get to the mailbox."

Wichita letter carriers have about 600 deliveries daily and it's busier now during the holiday season.