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Kansas House Rejects 80 Mile Per Hour Speed Limit

William Wootton, flickr Creative Commons

The idea of driving faster in Kansas has hit a speed bump. The House rejected a proposal to increase the speed limit to 80 miles an hour on the interstate.

Republican Representative John Bradford pointed out that some other states have already increased speed limits to 80. But opponents, including Republican Representative Don Hineman, brought up safety concerns.

“Twenty years ago I think I would have supported this amendment. I think it would have made sense then but something has changed. Today, there are way too many drivers that are holding a cell phone in their hand as they drive. They’re texting, they’re reading email, they’re twittering, they’re on Facebook, whatever,” Hineman says. 

The chamber rejected the proposal, but approved the underlying bill, which allows the Department of Transportation to increase speed limits on some rural highways to 70 miles an hour.