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House Committee Reverses Decision On The Preservation Of KDOT Funding

John Russell, flickr Creative Commons

A House panel decided to restore Governor Sam Brownback's request to use millions of dollars from the Kansas Department of Transportation to fill gaps in other state spending, which reverses a decision made last week.

The governor wants to take $724 million dollars from transportation projects.

Last week, the House Transportation Budget Committee voted to reduce that amount by $280 million dollars, allowing about $444 million to be transferred during fiscal years 2016 and 2017.

On Monday, during a quick meeting not held in a committee room, the panel restored the $280 million fund transfer.

Chairman Rep. J.R. Claeys, of Salina, said more study is needed to determine the impact of removing fund sweeps on the budget.

Claeys said the quick meeting was necessary because he had to attend another meeting.

Transportation department officials say that despite the funds transfer, all transportation projects would continue on schedule but some maintenance projects would be delayed.