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TSA Precheck Enrollment Center Now Open In Wichita

The Transportation Security Administration opened a new enrollment center in Wichita yesterday that could help decrease the amount of time travelers spend going through security at the airport. KMUWs Abigail Wilson reports…

TSA Precheck is an expedited security-screening option at the airport offered by the Transportation Security Administration or TSA. Thanks to a new enrollment center in town, Wichitans now have a chance enroll in the program closer to home.

TSA Precheck allows pre-approved airline travelers access to a select screening lane where they can bypass some of the hassles of airport security. Approved passengers can leave on shoes, light jackets and belts. They can keep their laptop in its case and compliant liquids in a carry-on.

To qualify, passengers must visit to the enrollment center and provide documents to verify their identity. They must be fingerprinted and prove their citizenship or immigration status. The application process takes about five days and costs $85.00. Once approved, the Precheck approval is valid for five years.

The center is located at New Leaf Plaza near the intersection of 21st and Amidon.