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New Airport Terminal Is Expected To Open June 2015

Construction of the new terminal at Wichita Mid-Continent Airport is on schedule, according to the city. It's expected to open in the spring of 2015.

Since the beginning of major construction in October 2012, construction crews have:

  • cleared the project site.
  • relocated and extended utilities.
  • mass excavated the site.
  • began foundations.
  • installed conduits and pipes beneath the building.
  • prepared the aggregate base course beneath the floor slabs.
  • began tunnel construction.

Approximately 40 percent of the new concrete foundations have been completed and 80 percent of the utilities have been altered.
The tunnel, in addition to serving as an emergency storm shelter, will provide access to the new terminal from the building maintenance division, which is housed in the basement of the current terminal and will remain there following opening of the new facilities.

The building’s structural steel framing is expected to begin late this month and continue into June. 

12 Fun Facts About New Terminal:

  • Number of Gates – 12
  • Number of Ticket Counter Spots – 48
  • Number of Security Lines – 4
  • Number of Elevators – 10
  • Number of Escalators – 2 
  • Number of Doors – 325
  • Concrete in the Building – 12,200 cubic yards
  • Footage of Piping – 8.5 miles
  • Number of Plumbing Fixtures – 267
  • Number of Light Fixtures - 970
  • Number of Security Cameras – 143
  • Length of new electrical and communication cabling – 114 miles

Three construction web cameras have been installed. The cameras are located on the existing terminal roof, the DoubleTree Hotel roof, and a camera pole adjacent to Parking Lot C. The cameras take pictures every 15 minutes and have a time-lapse function to watch the construction over time.