Viral Kindness

During this COVID-19 crisis, people are stepping up and spreading goodwill. We want to hear about the ways in which Kansans are responding to this emergency with compassion, and shine a light on the humans that exemplify humanity.

Every other Friday, we'll share your stories on KMUW's new commentary, Viral Kindness.

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When it comes to helping keep local families together through times of crisis, Jody Klein has been walking the talk…and changing a lot of diapers. Alicia McLain, a volunteer for Faith Builders, shares Jody’s story:


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This week on Viral Kindness, we hear about a double act of goodwill from writer Amy Geiszler-Jones, who lost someone close to her:

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Emily Brookover organized a slew of signage for Downtown Wichita meant to keep everyone’s spirits up during this tough year. 

Carla Eckels and her two sisters, Karen Carter and Carol Cole, recently had quite the celebration for the 80th birthday of their mother, Karen Cayce. But it wasn’t what they had planned. 

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Trisha Swindle is a senior youth services assistant at the Derby Public Library. She shared this story about what neighborliness can look like during a pandemic.

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Patricia Houston works at the Wichita State Community Engagement Institute. She and her husband recently missed their 36-year anniversary trip, but they got the next best thing.

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Peggy Smith is the office administrator for Haysville United Methodist Church, but after being inspired by a message from the church pastor, Peggy has added in a COVID-19 endeavor: making masks.

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Micala Gingrich-Gaylord, director of engagement for Comfort Care Homes, shares the story of local artists connecting with Wichita area senior citizens, especially those with Alzheimer’s.

Viral Kindness is a new commentary that shares moments and gestures of goodwill during these difficult times. Robin Macy, steward of Bartlett Arboretum, experienced a significant gift of time and talent in the form of photojournalist Jaime Green.

"She contacted me after seeing a humanities quick grant and thought maybe there’d be an opportunity to show the world this place, virtually," Macy says.

COVID-19 is an emergency on a scale most of us have never seen, but many people are stepping up and spreading contagious goodwill. Have you witnessed this? Or experienced it firsthand? We want to hear about it. We'll share you stories every other Friday on KMUW's new commentary, Viral Kindness.