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Top Morning News 3.06.13


Sen. Roberts says bill would improve SNAP; Wichita City Council approves funds to renovate pools; Kansas Insurance Commissioner supports Medicaid expansion.

Sen. Roberts Says Bill Would Improve SNAP, Save Money

Kansas Senator Pat Roberts has introduced a bill to reform the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as food stamps.


Council Sets Aside Funds To Renovate City Pools

The Wichita City Council approved funding Tuesday for two of the most heavily used municipal pools in Wichita.


Kansas Insurance Commissioner Backs Medicaid Expansion

Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger says she supports an expansion of the state's Medicaid program via the federal government's overhaul of health care.

Praeger says Kansas is hurting low-income residents by not expanding Medicaid coverage for the needy and disabled. The federal health care law promises to pay for most of the expansion.

Praeger already has broken with many fellow Republicans, including Gov. Sam Brownback, over the 2010 federal health care law. The insurance commissioner has praised the overhaul as a step toward universal access to health care.

A resolution expressing opposition to expanding Medicaid is pending in the Kansas House.

Brownback has not taken a position on the issue, saying he will leave it to the Legislature.

Spring Break Lunch Program Expands

Partners for Wichita and the Kansas Food Bank have teamed up again to provide lunch for kids during spring break.