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Top Morning News 2.01.13


Kansas House passes union fundraising bill; A school board group supports Brownback's tax plan because of school funding issues; Numbers reveal wind energy's impact on Kansas economy.

Kansas House Passes Automatic Union Contribution Bill

The Kansas House passed a bill Thursday that restricts one type of political fundraising used by public employee unions.

The bill would ban public sector unions from making automatic withdrawals from employee paychecks for political purposes. The bill passed in the House on a 68-56 vote.


School Board Group Supports Brownback Tax Plan

Some conservative groups oppose Gov. Sam Brownback's tax plan because it includes revenue-raising measures along with additional income tax cuts. However, the Kansas Association of School Boards supports the plan.


Forum Mulls Cost, Benefits Of Wind Industry

An economic analysis estimates that Kansas wind energy projects have created nearly 13,500 jobs in the state.

Business leaders from across Kansas are meeting in Newton Friday for a forum on the economic effect of the state's 19 wind energy projects.

The jobs numbers include 263 operation and maintenance jobs and almost 3,500 construction jobs. The rest are indirect jobs created by the industry.

The report also says wind generation has generated more than $273 million in revenue for landowners and over $208 million for local governments and community groups.

The analysis was prepared by the Polsinelli Shugart law firm, in partnership with the Kansas Energy Information Network.