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Top Morning News 1.30.13


 Mayor Brewer lays out grim future for Wichita's infrastructure in State of the City; Bill would limit teacher's bargaining rights; Senate vote on judge appointments looms.

Mayor Brewer: Wichita's Infrastructure Needs Costly Repairs

Wichita mayor Carl Brewer delivered his state of the city speech Tuesday to a crowd at City Hall.


Wichita, Sedgwick County Officials To Release Survey Findings

Sedgwick County and Wichita city officials will release the results from a community survey about infrastructure investments Wednesday.

The Community Investment Plan sets out a framework for future infrastructure investments. It also includes a survey that county residents completed about their priorities for public transportation; water, sewer, and storm water improvements; parks, recreation, and cultural amenities; and economic development.

Bill Would Limit Collective Bargaining For Teachers

In the State Legislature, a bill being debated in the House would limit the bargaining rights of teachers in Kansas. Supporters want administrators to have more flexibility to hire, fire and assign teachers.


Kansas Senate Vote On Judge Appointments Looms

A vote is looming in the state Senate on overhauling the way judges are selected for the state Court of Appeals and Supreme Court.

Senators plan to vote Wednesday on a proposed constitutional amendment to give the governor and legislators more power over appellate court appointments.

Conservative Republicans are frustrated by court rulings that ordering increased spending on schools support the measure. The proposed amendment would allow the governor to appoint appellate court members, subject to Senate confirmation.

The change would scrap an attorney-led commission that screens applicants and nominates three finalists for each vacancy. The governor must pick one, with no role for legislators. Constitutional amendments must be adopted by two-thirds majorities in both chambers and approved by a majority of voters in a statewide election.