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Top Morning News 01.02.12


Sperm donor says case to require him to pay child support is politically motivated; Brownback says lawmakers will likely take on taxes; The Kansas Chamber of Commerce wants to loosen the state's liquor laws.

Sperm Donor Says Case Is Politically Motivated

A sperm donor says that the state's effort to make him pay child support for a baby conceived through artificial insemination is politically motivated.


Brownback Expects Lawmakers To Take On Taxes

A large tax overhaul takes effect in Kansas now that the New Year has begun, but it may not remain "as-is." Gov. Sam Brownback says lawmakers may continue tinkering with the changes.


Kansas Chamber To Support Loosening Of Liquor Laws

The Kansas Chamber of Commerce wants to allow the state's grocery and convenience stores to sell wine, liquor and full-strength beer.

Chamber vice president Kent Eckles says the chamber will be part of a coalition urging legislators to rewrite laws on alcohol sales in the upcoming session.

Kansas law allows only retail liquor stores to sell wine, liquor and full-strength beer, while grocery and convenience stores can only sell cereal malt beverages known as "weak beer." The restrictions are a holdover from Prohibition.

The chamber views the issue as free enterprise. Similar proposals have failed the past two years.

Winter Wheat Condition Declines Amid Dry December

The condition of the Kansas winter wheat crop has deteriorated in the wake of December's limited rain and snow.

Kansas Agricultural Statistics Service reports that 31 percent of the state's wheat crop ended 2012 in poor to very poor condition. Forty-five percent was rated in fair condition, with 23 percent in good shape and 1 percent in excellent condition.

The agency says only three of the 53 reporting stations around the state received more than an inch of precipitation in December.