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Top Morning News 11.12.12


Machinists Union approves new contract with Bombardier contract; Major player in opposition to fluoridating Wichita's water vows to take fight nationally; Budget cuts to Juvenile Justice Services could mean fewer services.

Machinists Union Approves New Bombardier Contract

Members of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers approved a five-year contract deal with Bombardier Learjet in Wichita over the weekend.


Wichita Advocates To Fight Fluoride Nationally

Advocates who led the successful fight against adding fluoride to Wichita's water say they plan to take their campaign across the country.

In Tuesday's election, 60 percent of the voters opposed fluoridation in Wichita. three-fourths of municipalities in the United States fluoridate their water supplies.

But Mark Gietzen, president of the Kansas Republican Assembly, says plans are being made to expand the fight against fluoridation. He says one effort might be promoting a state recommendation against fluoridation while still allowing communities to decide the issue locally.

Gietzen says he also wants to make fluoride one of the top issues for the National Republican Assembly.

Budget Cuts To Juvenile Services Could Mean Fewer Offender Services

Governor Sam Brownback's administration has asked state agencies to prepare contingency plans for 10 percent budget cuts. The head of the Juvenile Justice Authority told a legislative committee what that could mean for the juvenile corrections system in Kansas.


Kansas Sheriffs Mull Future After Colorado Pot Vote

A western Kansas sheriff says Colorado's vote to legalize marijuana could result in a "terrible mess" for Kansans who go there to buy legal pot, and bring it across state lines.

Sheriff Larry Townsend's community of Sharon Springs is 17 miles from the Colorado border. He says Colorado's decision is not good for either state, and that people who bring marijuana back into Kansas will be committing a crime.

Kansas Highway Patrol spokesman Lt. Josh Kellerman says his agency won't be doing anything different if the Colorado law goes into effect. He says people are already driving through Kansas with marijuana in their cars, and when they're caught they are dealt with according to state law.

KS Library Draws Crowd For Hog Butchering Event

A library in the Kansas City suburb of Overland Park drew a crowd of more than 100 people Saturday with a hog butchering event. experts from a meat company called The Local Pig put on the two-hour presentation. Library officials say the event was part of an effort to remain relevant in the digital age.