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The Range

The Range | Aug. 28, 2020

Carla Eckels
The Community Voice publisher Bonita Gooch talks to graphic designer Elaine Guillory.

Even as many newspapers struggle with declining circulation and revenue — even before COVID-19 hit — a Black newspaper based in Wichita is still moving forward, despite the headwinds of the pandemic.

This week on The Range, we talk to Bonita Gooch, publisher and editor-in-chief of The Community Voice, about how the paper has kept its head above water for 25 years.

Plus, when reporter Hafsa Quraishi first started working from home back in March, it seemed like a dream: no commute, unlimited snacks, pajamas.

Then came the constant backaches. And the wrist pain. Turns out, hunching over our computers at the kitchen table can negatively affect our physical health — and our productivity.