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KMUW’s Engage ICT brings our community together with thoughtful conversation. Each month we take a deep dive into a major topic with a panel of local experts, and live stream our hour-long conversation at engageict.org and KMUW’s Facebook page. Since 2016 we’ve covered a myriad of topics, from healthcare to homeschooling, immigration to environmentalism.Engage ICT is sponsored by Keith Stevens with InSite Real Estate Group.

The Range: Episode 3, Jan. 31, 2020

Harvest Public Media/File photo
China, Kansas' third-largest trade market, has agreed to buy more agriculture products from the United States under a new trade agreement.

On this episode of The Range, we talk to a trade expert about what the new U.S.-China agreement could mean for Wichita and Kansas. Her take: It's all hat, less cattle, as they might say down in Texas (or out in Dodge City).

And, we take a peek in our crystal ball at what else might be in store for the region, from business trends to medical advancements. That was the topic of our latest Engage ICT discussion, which you can watch in its entirety here.

Plus, a new maker space opens up downtown, a startup accelerator rebrands itself, and fares at Wichita's airport are down for the quarter — but still higher than (most) nearby airports.

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