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For a home game console, the Nintendo Switch is tiny. Mine sits atop my Xbox One like an oxpecker on a rhino. But compared to previous portable game systems, it’s a behemoth. I could fit the Nintendo 3DS or Game Boy Advance in my pocket. I need a bag to safely carry around my Switch, and with the detachable controllers on the sides, it feels like the whole unit could shatter if I dropped it.

Pokemon Go launched nearly three years ago, and was an instant hit for its developer Niantic. Niantic just launched their next game, but this time based on the Harry Potter universe.

Every year, all the huge video game companies announce their next big things at the Electronics Entertainment Expo, or E3, and this year’s E3 just ended today in Los Angeles.

This commentary originally aired on August 10, 2017.



In 1993, a landmark movie was released. Sure, Jurassic Park and Schindler’s List were important, but what could have more cultural resonance than Super Mario Bros? Of course, a movie based on the most successful video game franchise in history up to that point would be a smash hit. Add in Bob Hoskins, the star of Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, and Academy Award nominee Dennis Hopper, and you couldn’t fail.

Except you could, because the movie was an unmitigated disaster. 

If Final Fantasies VII and VIII were bold steps forward for the series, Final Fantasy IX was a nostalgic look back.

In comparison to its predecessor, 1999’s Final Fantasy VIII is a divisive game. It came after the most popular entry in the series and changed the mechanics of the series’s trademark gameplay more radically than any game prior. 

Final Fantasy VII is an all-time favorite game of mine. In the 22 years since it was released for the original PlayStation, it’s been released on several other platforms. Last week, it came out on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, so I decided to go back and play it again.

Google announced this week that they’re getting into the blockbuster gaming market in a big way with their new service, which they’re calling Stadia.

Your Move: D-Pad

Mar 7, 2019

Game controllers, with some exceptions, have mostly standardized around a certain form-factor: two analog sticks, four face buttons in a diamond shape, four shoulder buttons, Start, Select, and a directional pad. But of course that hasn’t always been the case - analog sticks weren’t standard until the Playstation 2 came out in 2000, and shoulder buttons were introduced with the Super Nintendo in 1990, which also added more face buttons than systems had had before.