Wichita Police Department

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The Wichita Police Department will be shifting nearly 40 officers to special investigation teams in January to address the increasing number of violent crimes.

Two people are facing charges in connection with the death of a Wichita toddler whose body was found encased in cement in September.

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Dozens of law enforcement officers and community members lined up to greet an injured Wichita Police officer as he returned home Wednesday on a private flight at a facility near Wichita's Eisenhower National Airport.

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Four people were killed over the weekend in Wichita in three separate incidents. Police have made one arrest and are asking for the public’s help in solving the other crimes.

Wichita Police say someone shot 62-year-old Houng Pham and her 23-year-old son, Cody Ha, inside their home on East Huntington.

Police say Pham’s daughter found the bodies when she came home late Saturday night.

A pizza delivery driver was also found shot to death inside the trunk of his car on Pagent Street Sunday morning.

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Car break-ins tend to be more frequent toward the end of the year in Wichita.

The last two months of 2016 saw an 8 percent increase in the frequency of car break-ins compared to the rest of the year, according to data provided by the Wichita Police Department. Previous years also saw a rise.

Lt. Chris McAuliffe with the Wichita Police Department says car owners can best avoid break-ins by not making their cars a target of opportunity.

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The Wichita Police Department is partnering again with the Union Rescue Mission to deliver free Thanksgiving meals to families in the community.


Wichita’s police chief wants the state Legislature to clarify laws on video taken by officers with body-worn cameras.

In an eight-minute video posted on the Wichita Police Department social media channels this week, Chief Gordon Ramsay talks about transparency issues and the use of body-cam video. He says he supports the use of body cams but does not think the video should be available to anyone who asks for it.

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Wichita Police have identified the woman found dead in her home Tuesday morning as 42-year-old Perla Rodriguez. She was known for her work in helping abused women in the community.

Police determined Rodriguez died of blunt-force trauma. WPD spokesman Officer Charley Davidson says her boyfriend has been arrested and taken into custody for first-degree murder.

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The Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a case that involves at least three Wichita Police officers.

Wichita Police spokesman Charley Davidson said during a news briefing Monday that the investigation is ongoing and so far has resulted in one arrest.

"The officer on Friday was booked on charges of misdemeanor official misconduct and stalking," Davidson explained. "The arrest was made by the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s office."

Davidson would not identify the officer who was charged.

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The Wichita Police Department is undergoing implicit bias training this month. It's just one of several efforts designed to improve community relations.

During the last year, the department has offered training to officers on racial awareness and fair and impartial policing.

This time, Police Chief Gordon Ramsay says the entire department of 850 people, officers and support staff, will go through the bias training.