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It might be considered common knowledge now that three seats on the city council—in Districts 1, 3 and 6--are on the ballot in Tuesday’s general election. But what might be less clear is why it matters who represents us. The positions are non-partisan, so sweeping policy changes aren't likely after any election, but there could be as many as three new faces on the council next year, depending on how the races go.

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James Clendenin is the only incumbent on Wichita's city council running in Tuesday's general election. He’s up for the 3rd District seat against first-time candidate William Stofer.

District 3 covers south and southeast Wichita, an area both candidates say doesn't have the best image throughout the rest of the city. 

William Stofer, a writer, says it’s why he decided to run for office.

Candidate Facebooks

Next week, voters get to decide which of two candidates will replace outgoing Wichita City Councilwoman Lavonta Williams in District 1.

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Wichita Vice Mayor Janet Miller didn’t have any political experience when she decided to run for City Council more than 8 years ago.

“Unlike some folks, I never did imagine myself running for office or serving in public office," she says.

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A Wichita young professionals group says it wants more young residents getting involved in this year’s elections. Members met with city council candidates Tuesday night in one of the final weeks before Election Day.

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The city of Wichita hired a consulting group Tuesday to help attract a Major League-affiliated baseball team to the area for the first time in a decade.

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In-person early voting in next month’s general election starts Monday at the Sedgwick County Election Office in Wichita.

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A public hearing has been scheduled for next month on a proposed 1 percent sales tax to support a development in west Wichita.

In 2015 a community improvement district, or CID, was established in the area around Kellogg and West Street. Now, developers want to amend the CID to include newly purchased buildings.

Businesses in the district can charge an additional sales tax, with the revenue being used to pay for land acquisition, demolitions, and site improvements.

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Wichita City Council took the first steps today toward creating a new citizen's board to review complaints about the police department, approving the first reading of the ordinance.

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The Wichita Park and Recreation department is getting closer to the design phase of its Aquatics Master Plan, which city council approved in February.