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Kansas House Committee Takes Up Union Bargaining Bill

A Kansas House committee heard from supporters and opponents of a bill Wednesday that limits teacher's bargaining rights. The legislation would cut the items school districts are required to negotiate with unions from more than two dozen to five.


Kansas legislators returned from a four-day break Wednesday  to discuss a bill that would narrow contract negotiations between teachers and public school districts.

Substitute House Bill 2027 has been criticized by as an "attack on educators" by the Kansas National Education Association.

The House Committee on Commerce, Labor, and Economic Development considered the bill today . The measure would reduce the number of issues that teachers could negotiate with local school boards.

Kansas legislators are considering major changes in a state law governing contract negotiations between teachers and school districts, prompting the state's largest teachers union to complain of what it calls a "war" on educators.

Kansas National Education Association President Karen Godfrey said Monday the bill before the House commerce committee would hurt public schools. A hearing on the measure is set for Wednesday.

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Lawmakers To Take Up Bill That Would Limit Teacher Bargaining

Kansas legislators are considering major changes in a state law governing contract negotiations between teachers and school districts. The state's largest teacher's union is calling it a "war" on educators.


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The union representing teachers in Kansas says its members were prevented from offering their opinion on a bill that affects unions. The bill would scale back some of the mandatory bargaining rights of teachers.

Currently, the negotiations process between the union and a school district includes lots of items. They are required to negotiate how teachers are evaluated and the process for firing a teacher, among other things.

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Kan. House Advances Change In Judicial Selection Process

The Kansas House has given first-round approval to a bill that changes how appeals court judges are selected. The bill allows the governor to appoint the judges, who would then be confirmed by the state Senate.


Bill Would Limit Collective Bargaining For Teachers

Jan 30, 2013

A bill in the House would limit the bargaining rights of teachers in Kansas.

A committee heard from supporters and opponents of the bill Tuesday. Supporters of the measure want administrators to have more flexibility to hire, fire and assign teachers.

The bill would take out some bargaining rights teachers currently have and would limit what can be negotiated by unions. For example, teacher evaluation processes could no longer be part of contract negotiations.

Some lawmakers say we need to look at new ways of recruiting, hiring and evaluating teachers.