Sedgwick County Commission

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The Sedgwick County Commission began a new term Wednesday with two new members.

It was the first official meeting for Lacey Cruse and Pete Meitzner, who were elected in November to four-year terms. Jim Howell began a second term as the 5th District commissioner.

Third District Commissioner David Dennis and 2nd District Commissioner Michael O’Donnell have two more years in their terms before the next elections.

Cruse and Meitzner took time at the end of the meeting to thank their supporters and give a hint about their style of governing.

Sedgwick County

Sedgwick County held an oath of office ceremony Sunday for three commissioners who begin new terms this week.

Pete Meitzner represents the 1st District; Lacey Cruse represents the 4th District; and Jim Howell returns for a second term representing the 5th District.

For Cruse, becoming a county commissioner is the start of a new career in public service. / flickr Creative Commons

Sedgwick County officials say they are ready to partner with the state to establish a new regional mental health facility in the county.

Assistant County Manager Tim Kaufman says county commissioners have already identified land for a possible location.

A state task force recommended developing regional mental health facilities to help address an inpatient bed shortage at the state’s two psychiatric hospitals.

Kaufman says patients would also benefit from receiving behavioral health services closer to home.

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Sedgwick County’s manager resigned Wednesday morning, becoming the second county leader to exit this year amid legal turmoil.

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Sedgwick County commissioners are working on a list of priorities for state lawmakers to take up during the 2019 legislative session.

They held a meeting Tuesday to revise the county’s annual legislative platform before it comes up for a formal vote. The platform is an outline of key initiatives for the county's lobbyists and governmental representatives.

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Sedgwick County is moving forward with an investigation into its county commissioners.

At the end of October, commissioners approved expanding an independent personnel investigation into commissioner conduct once the personnel review was completed.

A report on the personnel investigation was presented to commissioners during a private meeting two weeks ago.

The Sedgwick County Commission and County Counselor Eric Yost formally agreed to part ways Monday.

During a special meeting, commissioners approved an agreement with Yost to release him after 3 years in the role.

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Sedgwick County is moving toward permanently replacing its county counselor.

Commissioners put Eric Yost on paid administrative leave nine days ago.

Commissioners hired a new interim county counselor Friday to handle the county's legal work during the transition.

Mike Pepoon will earn a salary comparable to the level he was at when he retired from the counselor’s office in 2015.

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A new set of ethical standards will guide Sedgwick County commissioners as they conduct county business.

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Sedgwick County commissioners will consider whether to adopt a code of ethics at their Wednesday meeting.

More than 20 specific statements governing commissioner conduct, accountability and ethical standards are in the document.