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Richard Crowson

It’s so easy to forget in the midst of winter’s blanketed paralysis, that cold misery is temporary. As logs burn down to crumbles while our discomfort is being mocked outside by the ice that believes itself to be concrete, as if it had every intention of glazing the driveway and causing us to baby-step our ginger way until the end of time.

Richard Crowson

Here we go again. From Richard Nixon to Newt Gingrich to Donald Trump, the bias against unbiased news reporting continues. The president recently unleashed his famous fury on public broadcasting. And, what do you know! NPR’s public donations increased as a result, which puts me in mind of a song, of course…

Watch out for Friday the 14th. Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is looming on the calendar.

I thought I’d take the moment to express appreciation for some of the love-worthy things for which Hallmark does not create big glittery heart-shaped greeting cards.

Among the loves of my life: The lady around the block from me who has an elaborate Valentine’s Day draping of red light strands in her front yard. They illuminate the dark wintery nights of our February gloom.

Richard Crowson


Here’s my prediction for Wichita in 2020:

A successful petition drive will put saving Century II on the ballot and, thanks to Russian hackers, it will appear to have failed by a narrow margin. 

Hugh Mason / Wikimedia Commons

It was designed in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright,

I guess some people think it was Frank Lloyd Wrong

Now that we’re past Thanksgiving, it’s time to turn toward the season of Mr. C.

Had an interesting conversation with a turkey the other day. We were in line together at the grocery.

Richard Crowson

I first experienced zombies around 1974 or so. That’s when a Memphis TV station decided to run “Night of the Living Dead.” Scared the bejabbers out of me. If I’d had some 2-by-4s and nails handy, I’d have secured my doors and windows.

How could I have known, all those years ago, that someday our nation would elect a zombie for President? And yet, here we are. That’s how hot zombies are – that we’d actually elect one as president. And this one scares me every bit as much as my first Night of the Living Dead viewing.

Ah, fall! Tumbling down between the branches of our government come the plummeting shreds of our Constitution.

Crowson: Gratitude

Oct 2, 2019

Perhaps there’s a natural impulse we have, maybe from way back in our earlier evolution, to pay special attention to the negatives. Stay alert. There was a tiger in a clump of grass last week. Could be one in that one over there. A dark cloud brought troublesome weather. Is that another dark cloud forming in the west? Expect the worst in order to survive the next threat.