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As a young girl growing up in Lebanon, Mona Nemer had to convince her teachers to allow her to study science.

Today, Dr. Mona Nemer — who has an undergraduate degree in chemistry from Wichita State University — is the chief science advisor for Canada, providing advice and insight to Canada’s prime minister and his cabinet.

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Updated April 22

The Sedgwick County Health Department is offering more opportunities to get the COVID-19 vaccination in the next few weeks.

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Starting Monday, walk-ins will be allowed at Sedgwick County’s COVID-19 vaccination clinic inside the former central library in downtown Wichita.

The county has required appointments since the clinic opened in late December, but is shifting to the new strategy to get more people vaccinated against the disease. The online scheduling portal on the county’s website will still be available for appointments.

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Wichita's class of 2021 will have indoor, in-person graduation ceremonies.


 MANHATTAN, Kansas — Ellen Welti has a Ph.D. in, essentially, grasshoppers.

And yet she was still mystified about why the number of grasshoppers in a long-protected and much-studied patch of Kansas prairie was dropping. Steadily. For 25 years.

After all, the grass that the springy bugs feast on had actually grown more robustly as it absorbed mounting levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

So why were the grasshoppers faring increasingly worse?

Breaking The Stigma: How The Pandemic Has Helped People Open Up About Mental Health Struggles

Apr 19, 2021
Kansas News Service

The psychological toll of the coronavirus pandemic is undeniable. At the height of lockdowns last spring, one in three Americans displayed signs of clinical depression or anxiety, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

There’s no way to predict or quantify the long-term impact of this collective suffering, but experts say people are now discussing their mental health and wellbeing more freely than before the pandemic, providing a chance to break down some of the stigma that has long surrounded mental illness.

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The city of Wichita plans to reopen most of its pools and splash pads on Memorial Day Weekend.

Both were shut down last year due to the pandemic.

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The ACLU of Kansas and Kansas Appleseed are seeking to end the Wichita Police Department’s longstanding use of a confidential gang list, claiming it is unconstitutional.


Riley Sipes was a junior at Wichita’s North High School last spring when the COVID-19 shutdown closed schools and canceled prom and other activities.

She had already bought her dress — a smokey blue spaghetti-strap number that shimmers in the light. The phrase, “All dressed up and nowhere to go” had never seemed so fitting.

“It’s definitely been weird,” Sipes said. “I’m still disappointed that I missed out on so many of the traditions that North High has in place.”

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The Environmental Protection Agency says in 2018, almost 27 million tons of plastic ended up in U.S. landfills. A new store in Wichita is trying to break that cycle, one bottle at a time.