Nadya Faulx / KMUW

The 2020 census count is set to end Sept 30, a month earlier than originally planned. That’s left census workers and advocates hurrying to get as many households to respond as possible – especially in communities that have historically been undercounted.


During the pandemic, getting accurate information in a timely manner has often been difficult. For people whose primary language isn’t English, the task is that much more complicated.

Radio host Claudia Amaro has been working from her Wichita home translating information for Spanish speakers across Kansas. She says people are anxious to know the latest updates about COVID-19. KMUW's Carla Eckels spoke with Amaro about overcoming the language barrier.

Kansas News Service / Celia Llopis-Jepsen

WICHITA, Kansas — The good news for Kansas public colleges: 1,000 more Latino students will be enrolled a decade from now, enough to fill the seats left empty by fewer white students.

The bad news? The state predicts fewer students will earn a degree or certification in 2029, judging by Kansas’ poor track record in graduating Latino students.