Larry Hatteberg

Lu Anne Stephens / KMUW

Art can inspire, motivate and educate.

It also can lead to — let’s say — a good debate.

That’s certainly the case with M.T. Liggett’s sculptures, which, like the artist himself, inspire widely differing opinions.

Journalist Larry Hatteberg announced on Monday that he's leaving KAKE News in Wichita after a 51-year career there.

Hatteberg says KAKE is the only job he's had in his adult life, but he's looking for more freedom to pursue video and photography projects he wants...without the deadlines that TV news brings."

Hatteberg has received more than 130 local, state and national awards for news photography and reporting.

His "Hatteberg's People" video series has profiled over a thousand Kansans since its inception in 1974.