Korva Coleman

Courtesy Hafsa Quraishi

This month, KMUW welcomed — even if just remotely — the station's inaugural Korva Coleman Diversity Intern, Hafsa Quraishi.

From her home in Jacksonville, Florida, where she's staying because of the pandemic, Hafsa has already covered blood shortages at the Red Cross, looked into how HealthCore Clinic's free testing site went, and the announcement — and later cancellation — of Ivanka Trump's commencement speech at WSU Tech's graduation.

Alison McAdam / NPR

If you’ve ever listened to KMUW in the morning, you’ve definitely heard Korva Coleman’s voice.

Coleman has been an NPR newscaster since 2013, writing, producing and delivering news to the nearly 14 million listeners who tune in each week to the nation’s No. 1 morning drive program.