John McCutcheon

(Note: The concert has been relocated to the Burford Theater in Arkansas City.)  

Folk music legend Pete Seeger would have turned 100 years old on May 3.

For his friend and fellow musician John McCutcheon, it was important to mark the elder performer’s legacy. The result is the album To Everyone in All the World: A Celebration of Pete Seeger.

Irene Young

Ghost Light is John McCutcheon's latest album, a record that covers a broad range of topics, from familial life ("She Just Dances") to the ghosts of our pasts ("Story of Abe"). There's also a run-through of current events ("The Machine") and an appreciation of the hidden faces (the title track). McCutcheon remains his engaging, warm self throughout, telling stories with the ease of one naturally gifted in the matter.

He performs at the Bartlett Arboretum on Saturday.

Courtesy photo

In early 2016, folk musician John McCutcheon was sidelined from live performances by a serious illness. Unable to tour, he decided to use his time at home to write a series of new songs. With his own health on his mind and the passing of his father in 2014, McCutcheon had some serious matters on his mind. The songs that appear on the resulting album, Trolling for Dreams aren’t all dark manner and ruminations on life’s cruelties. And yet McCutcheon couldn’t help but think about some of those matters over the last few years.