Jeff Longwell

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Former Mexican President Vicente Fox spent time in the Wichita area this week to promote trade between Kansas and Mexico.

He visited companies and met with business and government leaders about trade opportunities.

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Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwell announced the city has purchased a new machine that will reportedly make the repair of potholes faster and more durable.

The mayor announced the $174,000 machine during his weekly briefing as crews demonstrated. He says the city fixes about 50,000 potholes every year, with a cost of just over $10 per pothole. That means nearly $500,000 in taxpayer money is spent yearly on the repairs. And while the individual cost will rise with the new machine, the repairs last longer, on average 5 years, so there are cost savings.

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The mayor of Wichita says despite recent heavy rain in the area, residents need to keep working to conserve water.

Mayor Jeff Longwell said Thursday that heavy rain in south-central Kansas this month has helped the city's water supply, but conserving water is still important in order to meet future long-term demand. The city says in a release that Cheney Lake, one of Wichita's two primary water sources, gained more than 5.5 billion gallons since the beginning of the month.

Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwell Sworn Into Office

Apr 14, 2015
City of Wichita

The City of Wichita officially has a new mayor. Jeff Longwell was sworn in at Tuesday’s Wichita City Council meeting after soundly defeating advertising executive Sam Williams in the April 7 elections. KMUW’s Sean Sandefur has more…

It was an emotional day at City Hall, where Carl Brewer, reaching his term limit, stepped down after eight years as Wichita’s mayor.

“Thank you, everyone, for allowing me to serve you,” Brewer said to applause.

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Wichita Mayoral Candidates participated in a forum last week sponsored by non-profit business leaders. It’s one of several forums leading up to the general election April 7th. KMUW’s Carla Eckels reports…

City Council member Jeff Longwell and Former Advertising Executive Sam Williams were asked to identify the top challenges facing the city as well as their priorities if elected mayor.

Beth Golay

At a Mayoral Forum in Wichita on Wednesday, both candidates fielded several questions, including how to grow the economy and generate jobs. KMUW’s Carla Eckels reports….

At a luncheon filled with non-profit business leaders, Wichita City Council’s Jeff Longwell says it’s incredibly important to try to maintain aviation jobs.