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The Range | Jan. 8, 2021

Jan 8, 2021
Lu Anne Stephens / KMUW

This week on The Range, we visit a small Kansas town that rebuilt its biggest tourist attraction, and itself, following a devastating tornado.

Plus, we talk with the mayor of Wichita about how the city is helping businesses survive the pandemic.

Lu Anne Stephens / KMUW

If you’ve driven west on I-70, you’ve probably seen two church towers off in the distance, about 10 miles east of Hays in the tiny town of Victoria, Kansas.

If you haven’t been curious enough to stop and check it out, you should.

The Range | Nov. 13, 2020

Nov 13, 2020
Jessica Treadwell / KMUW

Kansas' newest state park defies the stubborn misconception that the state isn't much to look at.

Jessica Treadwell / KMUW

People say that western Kansas is empty and flat — and maybe it seems that way when you’re racing along on I-70. But if you venture off the interstate there are some surprising places that defy the Kansas stereotype.

One such place is Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park, Kansas' newest state park.

Lu Anne Stephens / KMUW

If you’ve driven down Douglas past Old Town and Union Station, you’ve seen the giant steam engine that is the prize of the Great Plains Transportation Museum. It’s right in the middle of the overpass; you drive right under it.

Hugo Phan / KMUW

Sports are back, but where are all the fans? This week on The Range, we examine the age-old existential question: If a golfer makes a hole-in-one and no one's there to see it, did it really happen?

Plus, we take a tour of an architectural wonder of Wichita that's hiding in plain sight.

Hugo Phan / KMUW

You can hardly call the Allen-Lambe house hidden.

The intriguing structure, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, has been standing at the corner of 2nd and Roosevelt in College Hill — in the heart of Wichita — since 1918. But many people in town don’t know it’s there, even if they drive by it every day. Or, if they do know, they don’t realize what a treasure it is.

Lu Anne Stephens / KMUW

WILMORE, Kansas — Carousels most often are found in carnivals, amusement parks or, occasionally, upscale shopping centers.

But in Wilmore, Kansas — population 37 — you can ride one in Ernie and Christy Griffin’s backyard.

The Range | Aug. 21, 2020

Aug 21, 2020
Lu Anne Stephens / KMUW

This week on The Range, we travel to Wilmore, Kansas, population 37, where an unusual attraction can make even adults feel like kids again.

Plus, you've heard it before, likely any time aviation takes a hit: Diversify Wichita's economy. But what does that really mean?

Wichita Eagle employment reporter Megan Stringer recently looked into that very question. We talk to her about what a diversified economy could look like in Wichita.

Lu Anne Stephens / KMUW

Driving west from Sedgwick County on state Highway 160, the scenery is what you’d probably expect on a Kansas road trip: farmland, a few rolling hills and the horizon stretching out in all directions.

But just southwest of Medicine Lodge, there’s a dramatic change. Ken Brunson, the Red Hills project coordinator for the Kansas Nature Conservancy, calls it the best-kept secret in the state.