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The recent ransomware attacks on Colonial Pipeline and meat producer JBS have exposed a longstanding problem: a profound lack of cybersecurity experts.

There are thousands of openings in the field and demand is expected to grow. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that jobs for Information Security Analysts is projected to increase by 26% through 2026. That’s nearly four times the average for overall job growth.

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Most Wichitans probably don't realize there are more than 100 technology companies in the city.

“It's like one of the best-kept-secrets type of a thing,” said Robin Huber, a vice president at NetApp.

FlagshipKansas.Tech plans to change that. The new organization wants to help tech companies grow by making the industry more visible in Kansas.

It also wants to attract tech talent to Kansas and retain talent already here. And it wants to work with colleges and technical schools on aligning curriculums with industry needs.