Election 2020

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More than a quarter of the 29,000 provisional ballots in Kansas were rejected in the 2018 general election because of various errors, leaving 7,692 voters out of the democratic process.

Kansas is expecting record voter turnout in the 2020 general election. If you haven't voted yet but still want to, here's how you can still cast your ballot in Sedgwick, Butler, Harvey, Cowley and Sumner counties.

Advance ballot. In Kansas, mail-in ballots must be postmarked by Nov. 3 and arrive at the election office by the Friday after Election Day to be counted. Still, the USPS recommends that you mailed your ballot back at least a week before the state deadline.


More than 1 million Kansans are expected to cast ballots in this year's election. And many of them already have: Advance voting has been brisk, and the state sent out a record number of mail-in ballots.

With the election only a few days away, we wanted to hear from voters about what issues were most important to them when they went to the polls. This week on The Range, we head to Newman University and Wichita State's Koch Arena to hear what voters have to say.

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Trong tiểu bang Kansas, những người đã đăng ký để bỏ phiếu có vài cách lựa chọn để bỏ phiếu: 15 ngày trước khi bầu cử, địa điểm sẽ thay đổi; hay đúng ngày sẽ có địa điểm chắc chắn để bầu. Giờ mở cửa thay sẽ tùy theo qui định của quận, xin kiểm tra trước với văn phòng bầu cử của quận để biết giờ đúng. Cho những người muốn bỏ phiếu vắng mặt, người đã đăng ký để bỏ phiếu phải điền phiếu trước và gửi vô.

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TOPEKA — Kansans are electing two state Board of Education members this fall — including one from Wichita — as the panel has gained attention amid the coronavirus pandemic for its decision not to mandate a delay in the start of school.

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Hundreds of thousands of Kansans are expected to vote by mail this election — many for the first time.

The Secretary of State’s office says that as of Oct. 22, more than 490,000 ballots had been mailed out, with still a few days left for voters to request them.

In Sedgwick County, about 87,000 voters have requested advance ballots, an all-time high, says Election Commissioner Tabitha Lehman.

The two candidates running for Kansas' U.S. Senate seat met for a debate Thursday night hosted by KMUW and KWCH Channel 12. Republican U.S. Rep. Roger Marshall and Democratic state Sen. Barbara Bollier were asked to share their positions on issues such as the government response to the pandemic; health care and the Affordable Care Act; taxes; and law enforcement.

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President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden are holding a final debate Thursday in Nashville, with Kristen Welker of NBC News moderating. After a haphazard first debate, and a canceled second one, this final debate has new rules established by the Commission on Presidential Debates.

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EL DORADO, Kansas — The culture war issues that are polarizing national politics are also front and center in Kansas’ U.S. Senate contest: race, guns, abortion, climate change.

Supporters of Republican candidate Roger Marshall fear a wave of Democratic victories will trigger radical changes in the nation’s economy and culture; that capitalism will give way to socialism, undocumented immigrants will stream across the U.S.-Mexico border and individual liberties will be threatened.

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The race for Sedgwick County’s 3rd District is between a current commissioner and a retired TV news journalist.