Dusty Grant

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Wichita-based singer-songwriter Dusty Grant issues his debut EP, Trapped Here, Saturday at The Elbow Room.

The former heavy metal growler is self-releasing the disc, which he views as a calling card for the extensive tours he does each year.

Grant recently visited the KMUW studios to discuss the project.

What did you learn in the process of making this EP?

I learned a lot about the administrative side of things, making sure that you've got everything uploaded and formatted for digital distribution.

Courtesy photo


After years fronting a heavy metal band, Dusty Grant decided to try his hand at solo acoustic performances in 2017. A year later, Grant is issuing a new video for the song "Done So Much" and has busied himself with a variety of live performances including a recent tour with Sprout The Anti-Hero of the band Screaming Red Mutiny.

Grant debuts his new video this Saturday, July 7, at The Elbow Room.

You've been doing this solo acoustic thing for about a year?