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Four people were killed over the weekend in Wichita in three separate incidents. Police have made one arrest and are asking for the public’s help in solving the other crimes.

Wichita Police say someone shot 62-year-old Houng Pham and her 23-year-old son, Cody Ha, inside their home on East Huntington.

Police say Pham’s daughter found the bodies when she came home late Saturday night.

A pizza delivery driver was also found shot to death inside the trunk of his car on Pagent Street Sunday morning.

Car Break-Ins Increase In Wichita Around The Holidays

Nov 24, 2017
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Car break-ins tend to be more frequent toward the end of the year in Wichita.

The last two months of 2016 saw an 8 percent increase in the frequency of car break-ins compared to the rest of the year, according to data provided by the Wichita Police Department. Previous years also saw a rise.

Lt. Chris McAuliffe with the Wichita Police Department says car owners can best avoid break-ins by not making their cars a target of opportunity.

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Wichita Police are investigating the death of a woman whose body was found in a pickup truck Sunday morning.

Officer Charley Davidson says the discovery happened in the 1400 block of South Topeka in Wichita.

"We’re still determining all the details of what occurred; where she was at prior to being in that truck and things of that nature," Davidson said in a press briefing. "We’re all still currently investigating that and that’s why we are asking if the community has any information, call us."

The longtime business manager for two medical companies in Wichita is accused of embezzling millions of dollars since 2006.

A lawsuit filed in Sedgwick County District Court names Nancy Martin, her husband, Tom, and their 11 companies as defendants.

Nancy Martin is the business administrator for Emergency Services and Mid-Kansas Wound Specialists, two physician-owned companies serving Wesley Medical Center in Wichita.

The lawsuit claims Martin wrote checks to herself and others on a regular and systematic basis for 11 years.

Wichita Police Department

The Wichita Police Department is asking for the public’s help in identifying suspects involved in several weekend armed robberies.

The incidents took place at a gas station, a convenience store and a fast food restaurant in southeast Wichita.

Police spokesman Charley Davidson says if you see something, say something.

"The one thing is to make sure that you report things that occur," Davidson says. "Be a good witness. Try to get as much information as you can, if possible, if an incident like this occurs so that we can investigate it fully."

Six children were recovered, and one suspect was arrested in Kansas during a nationwide sex trafficking sting that took place earlier this month.

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The Wichita Police Department is testing a new type of high-tech body camera that it says will reduce the risk of human error.

All officers were outfitted last year with body-worn cameras, but police Chief Gordon Ramsay says technology has already advanced. The department is trying out 12 new body cameras that are blue-tooth capable and can turn on automatically.

“We’ve seen across the country where officers forget to turn the cameras on, and valuable footage is not captured," Ramsay said at an event earlier this week.

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Wichita State University has appointed a law enforcement veteran to serve as its interim police chief.

Robert Hinshaw will begin the job on Monday. His 33-year career in law enforcement includes four years as Sedgwick County Sheriff.

Hinshaw will lead the 47-person university police department during a search for a permanent chief.

The current police chief, Sara Morris, is retiring.

Hinshaw is an Administration of Justice graduate of Wichita State and holds a masters in Business Law from Friends University. He is also a graduate of the FBI National Academy.

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New crime statistics from the FBI show that while crime dropped across the board in Kansas, numbers are up in Wichita.

Wichita saw an increase in both violent and property crimes in 2016, but only slightly.

Details about crime and traffic incidents in Sedgwick County are now available online or through a mobile phone app.

The Sedgwick County Sheriff’s office rolled out its new crime mapping tool, called “What’s Going On,” during a staff meeting on Tuesday.

The map is designed to let county residents know when and where crime is occurring.

Lt. Lin Dehning explained the map shows the rough location of crimes and traffic incidents, not the exact address.

"It’s designed basically to be in the middle of the street and 100 block rather on a specific house," he said.