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Alex Thomas is the former vocalist of the band Ophil and current vocalist of Monterey Jack. Additionally, he is owner of Lucky’s Everyday, co-owner of Kirby’s Beer Store and Barleycorn’s as well as co-owner and operator of The Cotillion Ballroom.

According to national statistics, on average someone is abused by their domestic partner every nine seconds. A report of child abuse is made every 10 seconds.

These are not words I expected to be saying when I first started watching the new documentary Minding the Gap. As far as I knew, the movie was just getting good buzz and looked like it was about some kids with their skateboards.

The Fiber Studio is preparing an intriguing show of two of Wichita’s great artists, Richard Thomas Siegman and Ginger Tarrer.

Any work of art is basically an arrangement of elements that are part of our culture - the sounds of our shared memories are the building blocks of music. These don’t even have to come from musical instruments - the sounds of everyday life, like that of opening a can or starting a car, are just as much a part of our sonic heritage. Sounds enter and exit our collective consciousness over time; it might be good to start thinking about preserving our sonic diversity.

One of the most prolific American playwrights of our time, Neil Simon, died August 26th of complications from pneumonia. He left behind more than 30 plays and an indelible impression on popular culture. Mr. Simon's work was nominated for numerous Tony awards and won many of them. He personally won four: Best Play for The Odd Couple, for Biloxi Blues, and for Lost in Yonkers, and a special Tony Award recognizing his sum of work for the American theatre. Lost in Yonkers also won Neil Simon a Pulitzer Prize.

The West, and America specifically, has a long-standing problem of confusing the vast and diverse continent of Africa for a homogeneous country called Africa. There are, of course, reasons for this, many of them racist, but some are more literary. African American narrative has often used “Africa” as a device to indicate and imagine both an inspirational past and aspirational future, and in hip hop there are many notable examples of this: Nas’ “If I Ruled the World”, for one, and more recently, the fantastic 2017 track from southern rapper CyHi the Prynce called “Nu Africa.”

Justin Cary

Lamb is making a comeback, which may come as a bit of a shock to those of us who have kept it in constant rotation for our family meals.

But if you are one of the many Americans who do not eat lamb on a regular basis, you may have noticed the meat becoming more popular at local restaurants, on cooking shows on television, and even on the menus of your friends' dinner parties.

Last weekend I was browsing a list of upcoming releases for the Nintendo Switch, and I saw a game I never expected to see on the console - or on any console, really.

The new mystery-thriller Searching is probably a bit better than it has any right to be, given that it’s the latest in what seems like a series of movies where almost all of the action takes place on computer screens. 

I’m trying to stay optimistic, weather-wise, but my favorite annual event is coming up in less than two weeks in Winfield...