'The Young Messiah' Raises Questions

Mar 24, 2016

There's a little mystery about The Young Messiah that suggests to me that there were problems during production.

The Republican National Convention to choose a candidate for president will be held in Cleveland in July. There is no presumed nominee, and there has been no contested convention since 1948. Three candidates, Senator Ted Cruz, Governor John Kasich, and businessman Donald Trump, remain in the race. The Chairperson of the Convention’s Rules Committee, Bruce Ash of Tucson, Arizona, thinks that Cruz and Trump will most likely be the two candidates put forward as nominees at the Convention, but that could change.

This time of year the political news during Kansas’ legislative sessions always gets grimmer and grimmer, and grimmer and grimmer. For the sake of our mental health some of us must seek diversion.

And every recent year, much of that happy diversion has come in the form of Shocker basketball. Coach Marshall probably doesn’t suspect that in addition to shouldering responsibility for getting his team into the playoffs, he’s in charge of keeping progressives like me from utter, devastating despondency.

OnWords: Print

Mar 22, 2016

Many words have been written both in print and online worrying about how we’re writing too many words online and not enough in print.  

One of the more colorful figures in early Wichita was M.R. “Charlie” Cordeiro, who came to town as a scout for the army and later opened a saloon. His time here was turbulent, starting in 1869 with him killing a man out of self-defense. Later, he operated the Texas Hotel/Saloon/Restaurant, albeit in the face of lawsuits among other challenges. By 1874, his former Texas Saloon had been sold in a sheriff’s sale and by 1875, he was a leading member of a party searching for gold in the Black Hills, where some later reports suggested he was killed by Native Americans.

Stephanie Craig

Debut author Jung Yun was born in South Korea and raised in the US. Her dark novel of assimilation, Shelter, is a no holds barred look at the devastating effects of anger and violence as it is inflicted within and upon two generations. In general it is a look at families, but in particular the novel looks at the desperation and redemption in the relationships in three generations of fathers and sons. What price must a son pay for past sins of a father; what kind of father is an inadequate son; and when does desperation get to the point of choosing between redemption and abandonment?

Kevin Wildt

Will Erickson plays with a variety of musical projects including The Travel Guide, Twin Cities, and Jenny Wood Band. He plays drums in each of those projects but handles guitar duties in Team Tremolo.

'10 Cloverfield Lane' is Good. Very Good.

Mar 17, 2016

10 Cloverfield Lane ​is a very good and highly unusual movie that I can't say much about because it is so full of mysteries and twists and turns of plot and even shifts genre between mystery and horror that almost anything I say is a spoiler, including this opening sentence.

Western pop has occasionally flirted with the music of India; witness the rather faddish infatuation with the sitar in the 1960’s courtesy of rock stars like George Harrison. Indian music was exotic and mystical. It was also intellectually stimulating and beautiful, I must add.

courtesy of Wichita Art Museum

A new exhibition at the Wichita Art Museum called Dialogue: Drawings from the 20th Century is a must-see for several reasons.